Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City – November 5, 2022

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Western Mindanao Command Acting Chief, Brig. Gen. Arturo Rojas met with the members of the WMC Defense Press Corps purposely to establish rapport and build a strong partnership.

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Brig. Gen. Rojas said that he initiated the conduct of this activity to personally express his gratitude to the media partners for all their contributions, especially for taking an active involvement in strengthening the military’s information operation against internal and external threats.

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WestMinCom considers information as a powerful tool in empowering the public to join its campaign against insurgency and terrorism in the area of operations. It also respects and values the freedom of the press and the constitutional right of the people to have access to information of public concern. The Defense Press Corps, as the people’s vanguard, has, on the other hand, the concomitant duty to deliver accurate, credible, and factual accounts of the current security operations in Mindanao. In achieving their end goals, WestMinCom and the media have to work harmoniously without undermining their independence.

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“With our tactical and operational gains, we are inclined to intensify our information operations to keep the public informed as well as rally our security and development efforts and we want to engage the cooperation and commitment of the members of the Defense Press Corps in delivering fair news while upholding their professional standards and ethical conduct. We work for truth, accountability, and service,” Brig. Gen. Rojas stated.

The engagement was held on Friday (November 4) at Gerardo’s Restaurant, Governor Camins Avenue, this city. Representatives from the different media outfits joined the WMC Defense Press Corps President, Ms. Julie Alipala of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, in raising the issues and concerns of the local media to the WestMinCom Acting Commander.

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Also in attendance were: Col. Elmer Suderio, the Chief of Unified Command Staff; the TRIAD and finance officers of the command; and the Chief of the Command Public Information Office, Lt. Col. Abdurasad Sirajan.


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